Wilson Banjo Co. is Back With Powerful New Single “Wrong Turn That Led Me To You” – Available Now Via Pinecastle Records

Greenville, S.C. – Three years to the day of his last album release for Wilson Banjo Co.,multi-talented banjo extraordinaire Steve Wilson drops a brand new, original song on Pinecastle Records.

“Wrong Turn That Led Me To You” is a poignant tale of the wrong turns made in life, ultimately leading us to the right place. The tragic story in this song unfolds into one of remorse and regret that opens the doors to faith and forgiveness. An original song by Steve Wilson, and supported by an all star cast of vocalists and musicians, Wrong Turnprovides clarity and hope in a world where we can all feel a little lost at times.

The respectable list of players on the new single include: Colton Rudd, lead vocal; Sarah Logan and Scott Burgess, harmony; Richard Bennett, guitar; Steve Wilson, banjo; Glen Crain, reso-guitar; Blake Young, mandolin; and Michael “Porkchop” Branch, bass. The album was recorded and produced by Steve at Bonfire Recording Studio, over this past summer. You can learn more about how Steve came to meet and make music with these fine folks on his song stories webpage.

Wilson had this to say about the new music:
With the Covid-19 downtime this year, I was able to get back to writing more and focusing on the new project. This album has a special meaning, in that I have included brilliant musicians and vocalists that I have worked with under all of the many hats I wear. Rather than a ‘band’ album, we refer to it as a ‘Company’ release! I have been so privileged to be in the BEST company for the last eight years and it has continued to this day! With my bluegrass family, I have recorded albums for and with them, built banjos for them and been blessed to share a stage with them. The new record called, SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION, not only boasts amazing artists, but you will also enjoy a broad scope of music and something for everyone. Bluegrass is a small world and we are all or will all connect at some point in our careers! I believe it! I’m looking forward to sharing each song and it’s story, as well as my ‘six degrees’ connection to the players!”

The first single from the forthcoming project, “Wrong Turn That Led Me To You” is available worldwide today and for radio download from AirPlay Direct.

What People Are Saying:

“Steve Wilson has written a jewel with “Wrong Turn.” It holds a very strong message of repentance, change and redemption…a song of HOPE…this will bless so many!” — Dale Ann Bradley

“Colton Rudd’s sandpaper vocals and easy delivery is the perfect treatment for Steve Wilson’s song of renewal and redemption. This is one ‘wrong turn’ you’ll be happy to take over and over.” — Daryl Mosley

“Steve Wilson is no stranger to the bluegrass world. Matter of fact he and his wife Melanie are involved in nearly all imaginable elements of our music, from building custom banjos, to engineering and mixing expertise, to session work, booking, public relations, and top shelf songwriting. Steve’s latest composition, ‘Wrong Turn’ takes us down a dusty road of ill fated love, recklessness, and redemption. With an incredibly fresh vocal performance from Colton Rudd, supported by a grade-A lineup of pickers, Wilson Banjo Co. knocks this one out of the park!” — Aaron Bibelhauser, Louisville, KY

“This new original song isn’t made up of just the words and music, it comes from a deeper place, from life experiences that we all have shared in one way or another. ‘Wrong Turn That Led Me To You’ is a standout, phenomenal song, full of solid, emotional vocals, and top shelf music.” — Big Al Weekley

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