[SPECIAL MESSAGE] Phil Leadbetter Honors Steve Gulley By Releasing New All Stars of Bluegrass Recording Benefiting Late Singer’s Family

Nashville, Tenn. – On August 18th, the Bluegrass community lost one of its most cherished artists, Steve Gulley. Prior to his passing, the singer joined his best friend Phil Leadbetter & The All Stars of Bluegrass on their upcoming record, coming out in September. The project features a very special duet by Steve and his wife, Debbie. As a tribute, the recording called “Yesterday’s Gone” is available early, with all proceeds going to the late singer’s family. Download the song HERE.

“Steve Gulley was one of the most talented guys I have ever known. One of the best singers ever in Bluegrass music. Much more than this, one of the kindest, big-hearted guys you could ever meet. Steve was one of the most devout Christians I have ever known. Steve wasn’t afraid to talk about his faith no matter where he was. He really loved The Lord. One of the most dedicated family men I have ever known, He loved his wife Debbie, his kids, his grandkids. Steve was really loved and admired by so many. That love and admiration went way beyond the Bluegrass field. I know if he was here today, he would be shocked at all the tributes that have been coming in for him. Just a couple months ago, Steve was working on a side project with me, along with Alan Bibey, Jason Burleson and Robert Hale. One of the last tunes to be completed was a song called “Yesterday’s Gone.” Steve totally killed the song with his rendition!! We needed a female to sing a tenor part of the song. Steve’s wife Debbie had a long career in Country music. She worked many years at The Renfro Valley Barn Dance as a featured vocalist. She was a natural to sing this part. I am so thankful and blessed that we were able to get them both together on this one song singing together. Debbie called me last night (the day after Steve’s death). One of the things she brought up was how thankful she was to sing this song with Steve, and how much it meant to be asked to be part of this recording. She was such an obvious choice to do this. Today, I just listened to this song a couple times, and I realized that I was the one that was really blessed by getting to have both of these incredible singers, husband and wife, singing a love song to each other on our recording.” -Phil Leadbetter

“Yesterday’s Gone” will be featured on the upcoming record Swing For The Fences, which drops on September 25. Learn more HERE.

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