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Bluegrass Supergroup Offers Music That Spans Generations of Tunes

Flashback, newly signed to Pinecastle Records, plans an April 21 release for their debut album, Foxhounds and Fiddles. Made up of a gathering of super pickers and entertainers in Bluegrass, Flashback includes Phil Leadbetter, Don Rigsby, Richard Bennett and Curt Chapman.

“Bluegrass Today” will host a series called “Flashback Fridays” beginning on March 24, at which time they will unveil a new video from Flashback every Friday leading up to the release date on April 21. The videos can be seen on the news outlet’s website, https://bluegrasstoday.com/.

Members of Flashback were all a part of the original band which toured with J.D. Crowe in the 1990’s. The name comes from the Grammy nominated album “Flashback” they released with Crowe in 1994. Leadbetter brought the group and Crowe together again in 2015, when he was releasing a solo album. They had so much fun, they decided to tour. Shortly after the tour started, Crowe decided to retire, but the band wanted to continue to play together. With Crowe’s blessing, they adopted the name Flashback, added Stuart Wyrick on banjo and baritone, and continued to play festivals and other venues. Shortly thereafter they decided to record an album.

“I approached Pinecastle, because they had released several CDs on me in the past,” Leadbetter explains. “They welcomed us as a group and began planning for our first release.”

Foxhounds and Fiddles really has something for every listener. It’s not surprising since each of the guys have been out on their own creating their own experiences and careers over the past 20 years,” says Pinecastle’s Ethan Burkhardt. “What is surprising is the passion and zeal that each one of them exudes when they all get in a room together. It’s as if they are back to being kids, getting the opportunity of a lifetime; playing with J.D. Crowe for the first time.”

The first single, “The Foxhounds and Fiddles,” was written by band members Bennett and Rigsby. Leadbetter comments, “The song has great flow and fun solos. It will remind you of the way things used to be to those of who grew up in the country.”

Foxhounds and Fiddles has that J.D. Crowe feel, yet the band members have found their own individual sound, which comes from their numerous influences. While they reach back to record several standards, they also looked to band members and songwriting pals to find new songs that fit their style.

“This recording went down easier than anything I’ve ever been a part of,” says Leadbetter. “Everyone in the group is so excited about this album, and we’re all looking forward to see what the future holds.”

Foxhounds and Fiddles will be released on April 21. The CD can be pre-ordered at https://sc.lnk.to/Kh_vz.

Link to “Flashback Talks About Debut Album, Foxhounds and Fiddles”: https://vimeo.com/208843870