Three Fine Projects Eligible For Bluegrass Grammy Awards

Edgar Loudermilk’s Georgia Maple, Sister Sadie’s self-titled debut, and The Farm Hands Dig in the Dirtare all eligible for Grammy awards.

“..over the past few years, Loudermilk has begun to come into his own as a vocalist and as a solo artist…” – John Curtis Goat, Bluegrass Today
“Sister Sadie is an inspiring musical collaboration bringing together some of the best women bluegrass music has ever claimed.” – Alison Krauss

“Reminiscent of the Bluegrass Album Band, Sister Sadie has the same blow-your-hair-back, traditional drive that puts real deal bluegrass fans on shouting ground, with original material that provides an extra bonus.” – Nancy Cardwell, Bluegrass Today

“Even if you’re not that familiar with The Farm Hands, you’ve probably heard their recent single, Dig in the Dirt, which has one of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard lately.” – John Curtis Goat, Bluegrass Today