Tim Graves Assembles Top Dobro Players for Compilation Album ‘The New Reso Gathering’ Available June 12

By May 15, 2020 August 12th, 2020 The Farm Hands, The New Reso Gathering

Project Highlights The Seldom Scene’s Fred Travers on Lead Single “Pickaway” – Available Now!

Nashville, Tenn. – Legendary Farm Hands member Tim Graves has assembled and produced an upcoming project featuring the very best resophonic guitar / dobro players in the world. Released via Pinecastle Records on June 12th, The New Reso Gathering includes the who’s-who of the Bluegrass genre, combining years of experience perfecting the instrument. The lead single for the record is the upbeat “Pickaway,” which highlights Fred Travers (The Seldom Scene) performing. The song is available for download and streaming HERE.

The inspiration for the album comes from a 1994 project put together by Jerry Douglas and Tut Taylor called The Great Dobro Sessions, which featured Tim Graves. As a result of wanting to capture that same feeling in 2020, the Master Gold “Dobro Player Award Winner” assembled a group of 12 resophonic guitar players. In addition to featuring some legendary pickers, The New Reso Gathering also includes several great up-and-coming dobro players as well.

Players on The New Reso Gathering:
Tim Graves | Fred Travers | Greg Booth | Greg Blaylock | Mike Webb | Matt Despain | Andy Hall | Brent Burke | Al Goll | Rex Wiseman | Kim Gardner | Justin Moses

The upbeat lead single “Pickaway” displays Travers one-of-a-kind playing on the single. Fans are most likely familiar with Travers’ work as a member of the Bluegrass Group The Seldom Scene. In addition to releasing countless hits and even receiving a Grammy nod in 2007, it’s safe to say that the dobro player has carved out his own path in the music business.

“When I first started playing the Dobro guitar in 1981, ‘Pickaway’ caught my attention,” says Fred Travers. “It was my favorite, among the many instrumentals I tried to learn. I would like to thank Pinecastle Records and producer Tim Graves for inviting me to be a part of this great collection by such talented Resophonic Guitar players. I am honored. I appreciate Tim letting me present this banjo tune by Vic Jordan, made famous on the Resonator guitar by my friend and mentor Mike Auldridge”.

There are several standout moments on the record, with each player putting their top-notch skills on full display. To better present a full sound, there are also other guests who performed on the record including Keith Tew (guitar), Kimberly Bibb (fiddle), Bennie Boling (bass), Kelsey Crews (banjo and mandolin), George Pearce (guitar), Danny Booth (guitar, mandolin and bass) and Amanda Kerr (fiddle).

The New Reso Gathering Track Listing:
[1.] New Reso Gathering / Tedd Graves Intro
[2.] Tim Graves Intro [3.] Lilly Dale
[4.] Andy Hall Intro [5.] FireBall
[6.] Fred Travers Intro [7.] Pickaway
[8.] Brent Burke Intro [9.] Happy Times
[10.] Greg Booth Intro [11.] Buckaroo
[12.] Al Goll Intro [13.] Farewell Blues
[14.] Greg Blaylock Intro [15.] Over There
[16.] Rex Wiseman Intro [17.] Colorado Sunset
[18.] Mike Webb Intro [19.] End of the World
[20.] Kim Gardner Intro [21.] Fireball Mail
[22.] Matt Despain Intro [23.] Happy Hour at Paddy’s
[24.] Justin Moses Intro [25.] Dusty Roads
[26.] Tim Graves, Matt Despain & Rex Wiseman Intro [27.] Groundspeed

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