The Farm Hands Pinecastle debut “Better than I Deserve” Available Now

By February 7, 2015 June 28th, 2018 New Release, The Farm Hands

Award winning gospel quartet The Farm Hands’ new album “Better Than I Deserve is now available The album is gospel bluegrass with five of the 12 tunes penned by band members. Personel in the band includes Tim Graves on resophonic guitar, Keith Tew on guitar, Bennie Boling on banjo, and Daryl Mosley on bass. Guests on the album are Joe Miller on guitar, Bruce Dees on bass, and Jason Roller on fiddle. On the single, “Better than I Deserve,” the band is joined by Mike Reid, Bruce Dees, Lisa Silver, and Nick Distefino.

“Better Than I Deserve, the band’s latest album, features a lot of nostalgia for a simpler time with plenty of patriotic and gospel music.” – Keith Lawrence

The band may be new but its members have decades of experience in the industry. The band is already an incredibly busy gospel touring outfit with over 150 dates each year. The band has already began to get awards and nominations for their achievments. Tim Graves is the 2015 SPBGMA Hall of Greats Inductee and the 2014 Dobro Performer of the Year winner for the organization, which marked the ninth time he has garnered the award. The Farm hands are nominated in 13 categories for the 2015 SPBGMA awards for the individual band members as well as the upcoming album. Tim Graves and Daryl Mosley have previously partnered with Pinecastle on the album Remembering the Beacon Brothers as well as being members of the Osborne Brothers band for several years. Tim Graves has also previously recorded two solo albums on Pinecastle Records.

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