Music Video for Ray Cardwell’s “Time to Drive”

By April 20, 2018 June 27th, 2018 Ray Cardwell

#1 Single for Second Week in a Row

NASHVILLE, TENN. – Singer, bassist, and songwriter Ray Cardwell’s new single “Time to Drive” lands at #1 on Bluegrass Today’s Grassicana Chart for the second week running. A music video for the song is also releasing today as the song continues its charting run. The video was shot driving around the foothills of Western North Carolina by Bonfire Studio’s video production team.

“Time to Drive” kicks off Cardwell’s upcoming 2018 project while his introductory album, Tennessee Moon, continues to be played nationwide. Ten out of twelve selections from Tennessee Moon have charted numerous times on Bluegrass, Folk, Roots, and Gospel radio charts since the album’s release. Tennessee Moon’s critical acclaim has perfectly set the stage for Cardwell’s follow-up project, now in its final stages of production.

Cardwell attributes much of the impressive charting of his songs to those who worked, played or sang on the releases, in addition to the staff of Pinecastle Records and others in the industry. Familiar names on Cardwell projects include Pat Flynn, Curtis Burch, Danny Roberts, Scott Vestal, Andy Leftwich, John Cowan, Rob Ickes, Kenny Smith, and Grand Ole Opry legend, Jesse McReynolds.

“Cardwell has a voice that commands attention,” said Country Standard Time’s John Lupton speaking about Tennessee Moon, “and while the songs and arrangements are decidedly toward the more progressive end of the scale, they should still resonate with the Monroe and Flatt and Scruggs crowds.”

John Curtis Goad of Bluegrass Today said, “…Cardwell is a very strong vocalist in his own right, a solid musician, and a talented songwriter with a knack for positive lyrics.”

“Throughout the past several years of working on these projects in Nashville, people have asked me to describe my music – where does it fit?” said Cardwell. “My best response is that it’s just me, celebrating many different instruments, grooves, and styles – while always staying true to authentic and heartfelt Bluegrass. It’s been in our family from as far back as anyone can remember,” said Cardwell.

Cardwell and Pinecastle Records are encouraged with the reception Cardwell’s debut album received. “Ray is a unique artist filling a niche like no other,” said Ethan Burkhardt, CEO of Pinecastle Records, “his debut album Tennessee Moon made its mark in the industry. We are anticipating ‘Time to Drive’ will take Ray to yet another step in his career.”

A former member of New Tradition, Cardwell resumed his recording career last year with Tennessee Moon after raising a family and working as an award-winning high school music director in Missouri. Cardwell is endorsed by GHS Strings, Rybski basses, and Rushing basses.