Nightflyer was named in honor of Tony Rice’s song and album of the same name, consists of a group of talented professionals from Southwestern Ohio. The band has a contemporary sound with strong traditional bluegrass roots, a little gospel and a touch of blues.

John Curtis Goad of Bluegrass Today said, “Hayes, Jackson, Propps, Stewart, and bass man Tony Kakaris are a well-rounded group with solid musical chops.”

Rita Small of the Bluegrass in the Valley radio show said, “Whether it’s a traditional bluegrass number, an original song or even the cover of a classic tune, Nightflyer knows how to deliver a song. The group’s distinctive vocals and solid musicianship continue to build their fanbase with each performance.”

Devin Adams of Down Home Bluegrass on WYSO radio said, “Nightflyer has everything a modern bluegrass band needs including a memorable vocal sound and incredible musicianship that drives as hard as a freight train but is smooth enough to rock a baby to sleep.  I am thrilled to hear of their partnership with Pinecastle Records.”

The band’s lead singer and guitarist Richard Propps developed his powerful pipes on the Southern Gospel circuit. Rick Hayes is the band’s mandolinist and occasional lead vocalist who spent four years touring with the Gibson Brothers. Tony Kakaris plays bass, baritone and lead vocals for the group. Tim Jackson is the band’s Dobro player, and he contributes on baritone and lead vocals as well. Last but not least is Ronnie Stewart on banjo, tenor, and lead vocals.