Ashleigh Graham is no stranger to bluegrass. Growing up listening to her father play the fiddle, she followed in his footsteps to become a musician. Throughout her youth and teenage years, she graced stages at festivals all across the southeastern United States, and at just fifteen, Ashleigh recorded her first bluegrass album It’s Easy to Forget.

     As life continued, Ashleigh raised a family all while keeping music as a constant companion. During this time, she sang in church, explored the musical theater scene, and in 2019 she released an inspirational Christian CD featuring her own song “When the Rain Falls.”

     While the world was at a stop during Covid, Ashleigh Graham was not. She took this opportunity to reconnect with her bluegrass roots and reignite her passion for writing. She began to write feverishly and as she did, her childhood dream of being part of the bluegrass music industry rebloomed.

     With this dream in mind, Graham signed on to Pinecastle Records, and has recently released her new single titled “Bless Your Little Heart.” Following this exciting release, there is still more to come from Ashleigh Graham. An EP from her is on the horizon and it features renowned musicians like Stephen Burwell, Eli Johnston, John Meador (Authentic Unlimited), and Kameron Keller (Lonesome River Band). This class-act group of musicians contribute their talents to create a driving bluegrass sound that perfectly complements Ashleigh’s vocals and mandolin playing.




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