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Lonnie Hoppers & Dan Crary


Dan Crary and Lonnie Hoppers met in 1963, shortly after Hoppers left Bill Monroe’s band. Thiey hit it off immediately, playing a few gigs as a duo, but schooling and the business of feeding a family kept them apart for many years. However, the friendship remained strong over the course of many decades, and in 1998 the pair wound up on stage together again at a festival. Lo and behold, over three decades later, the magic was still there. Finally, the pair decided it was way past time to put together a little project, write and record a few songs, and have some fun with things. For all that, Lonnie Hoppers, Dan Crary and Their American Band, is a whole lot more than just a casual toss-off project – it’s an album filled with singing and playing straight from the hearts of two cherished bluegrass icons.