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Jason Barie

Jason Barie

The Past is Present


Jesse McReynolds on Jason Barie:
I was playing a bluegrass festival with Kenny Baker in Kentucky a few years ago. We were talking about fiddle players and I asked him if he knew of a good fiddle player that might be interested in playing Jim & Jesse music. The first name he brought up was Jason Barie. I knew if he was recommended by Kenny Baker he must be pretty outstanding. I called Jason and asked him to come to Nashville to play the Grand Old Opry with us. That’s when I learned what a great fiddler this young man is. We have worked a lot of shows where Jason has been playing and heard him doing some great fiddle work. As you listen to this CD I’m sure you’re going to be impressed as I was with some of the best, not only by a great fiddle player but also a fine young. gentleman.