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Ernie Thacker

Ernie Thacker

The Hangman


On April 18, 2006 Ernie Thacker was in a horrific automobile accident. Although, Ernie was seriously injured and his life was changed forever, Ernie is dealing with things very well. He was quoted saying although I have lost so much throughout the accident such as his legs, and half of a lung, he has gained so much in other ways. He has a totally different state of mind, and outlook on so many things. Ernie’s wife, Dorthy now travels with him full time. He says that she is now the band manager. Its is just so nice having her travel with me, and she has been his angel in disguise. She takes such good care of me and I never realized what an asset she could be as far as my music goes. She deals with the public really well, takes care of my record table, and pushes me to do my very best at everything that I attempt. I am so thankful that I have her support in not only my music but my life. Although Ernie has much healing to be done, he is getting stronger everyday. I thank God every night before I goto bed, and every morning for letting me wake up. I now know with out the Lord above that everything is possible. Ernie has two children who also travel with him on some shows. Named for his idol “Keith Whitley,” his son Keith is 15, and his daughter Whitley, is 16. Nothing is more important in my life than my family and friends. My music comes next. With my family so involved in my career, life couldn’t be better. The only thing lacking is just waiting on the finishing process of healing and getting back out on the road full time. Until then, I will play what I can, when I can, and where I can. Until then I ask everyone to keep me and my family in your prayers. Keep checking our website for more updates, and if we are playing somewhere near you, Come and see and support that Bluegrass Music.